In 2011, it is one of my resolutions to stay connected with family and friends and share important moments in our daily lives with each of you... hopefully this will give you a glimmer into our home, see our children grow, and be involved in our journey during the year.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Santa Barbara Zoo

The boys love going to the zoo in Santa Barbara... It is perfect because it is not too big and they can run around, see the animals, and play! We went last Sunday... the weather was a little cool but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day!

Chase's favorite part is the petting zoo where he can feed the sheep.
Grandpa helped Chase feed the sheep.
Riley and Wills had a great time too. I think they find something new every time we go.
Even Knox enjoyed being out in the fresh air... but mostly he liked being held by Grandpa!

This trip to the zoo, we also rode the train ride around the park. It was great and we saw more than I expected. I think this was the highlight of the day for the boys.

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