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Friday, February 25, 2011

In the Moment... California Science Museum

This afternoon while both Knox and Chase were taking a nap, I pulled out a few of the photos from this past weekend. I loved this one of Riley and Dad. Riley had so much fun while Grandpa was here. I really wish we lived closer so they could see each other more often.

Last Saturday we decided to have lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in downtown and then head to the California Science Museum. The boys were buzzing with energy.

The California Science Museum was a fun place where the boys could learn about so many different things. The timing really worked out well too, because the boys have a science fair at school in a few weeks and this gave us an opportunity to think about what we want to do for our project. Since it is not required for Riley or Wills' grade level, they are allowed to work in groups. I think both of the boys will work on one project and submit it together.

This was the first activity we came up to and the boys thought the smoke was the coolest thing ever. The exhibit indicated that movement impacts air flow and direction.

Then we did this hurricane simulator... they LOVED this! The wind went up to 72 miles an hour.

 Here we are at about 25 miles an hour.
Here we are at 70 miles an hour. Chase thought this was so cool! He loved the wind blowing in his face.
What was really nice about the museum is that the admission is free, so we definately plan on going back!

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