In 2011, it is one of my resolutions to stay connected with family and friends and share important moments in our daily lives with each of you... hopefully this will give you a glimmer into our home, see our children grow, and be involved in our journey during the year.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Few More Days with Family

We have had a wonderful time visiting with Dad and Aunt Georgia. I will be sad to see them go tomorrow. However we really enjoyed the time we had. We went to Geoffrey's in Malibu on Thursday night... what a great experience! The view was gorgeous and food was excellent. I am not the biggest fan of mussels however the appetizer that they prepared were delicious. The drive along the Pacific Coast Highway was just beautiful.

On Friday, we spent the evening with Brian and Joanie Malley... We were excited to see them. Brian was my Uncle Paul's best friend growing up and Aunt Georgia was over joyed to see them. Dad hadn't seen them since Aunt Georgia's 80th birthday. It was great for us to connect with close family friends so that we will have support and friends in the area. Today we went over and for a barbecue and to go swimming. The boys had a great time in their pool and hot tub! We can't wait to catch up with them again in the next few weeks!

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