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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Visit to the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles...

Caroline and I took Chase into Los Angeles today for his quarterly check up. I was surprised that when we arrived there weren't a lot of people in the waiting room. Usually the appointment room is packed. Chase had fun playing with Caroline and the toys.
Other than the seizure Chase had back on January 10, he has been doing really well. His lab work came back from last week and his Depakote was a little high. Depakote has a high risk for kidney failure. She said that acceptable results are between 100 and 120 and Chase is currently at 129. However, she didn't want to decrease the Depakote prescription because since he has started this medication, he has only had one seizure. So we are just going to keep an eye on things and he will go back in for blood work in a few weeks.

Dr. Mitchell also put Chase on a supplement which should help increase his appetite (both of the medications he is taking cause loss of appetite). She also wants him to start speech therapy as soon as possible. She told us at the last appointment that he should have about 100 words in his vocabulary and he is at less than 50. So we will be calling the local school district so that he can enroll in preschool this summer. Usually the public school district only offers Kindergarten (5 years old) however if you are considered that you have special medical conditions, they are required to provide additional support which includes a preschool program starting at 3 years old.

Here are a few more pictures from the waiting room.

Here are a few more pictures that Caroline took today with the boys. They are so glad that she is here. Riley ran straight up to her when we picked him up from school. Charisse arrives later on tonight and Christopher will be here tomorrow.
 Wills having an afternoon snack... love those cookies!
 Wills and Chase posing for the camera.
 Chase playing with Aunt Caroline and Mr. Potato Head... we love Toy Story!
 Knox and Aunt Caroline lounging on the couch.
I have had so much fun today with Mommy!
Riley was so happy to see Aunt Caroline after school today.
Knox playing in the kitchen. He loves to stand next to things... I think he will be walking soon!

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