In 2011, it is one of my resolutions to stay connected with family and friends and share important moments in our daily lives with each of you... hopefully this will give you a glimmer into our home, see our children grow, and be involved in our journey during the year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chris, Charisse, and Caroline visit...

So it has been a busy week... Caroline, Charisse and Chris came to visit during their spring break for a week. It was great seeing them. The boys had so much fun spending time with them! We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, Santa Monica Pier, the beach, bowling, and we hung out around the house.

There were so many things to do. We weren't able to get it all in, they will have to come back and visit again. Here are a few pictures from the week.
 Knox had a lot of fun playing in the sand... I think he liked the different texture.
 Riley and Chris played tag... look at the mountains in the background. Isn't it beautiful... we are at the Santa Barbara beach.
 Charisse and Caroline enjoyed the warm weather...
 Here is Riley at the zoo.
The family by the fountain. 
 Look there is a giraffe!
 I love this trellis... it is gorgeous. We packed a lunch and enjoyed the views.
Someone had to keep a hand on Chase the whole time... he just wanted to run from exhibit to exhibit and he didn't want to wait for anyone. 
 Here we are on the ferris wheel in Santa Monica... it was significantly cooler (low 60's) than the other days.
 Chris and Charisse on the pier. We ate at a great mexican restaurant.
 One afternoon, we left the kids at home and went to Santa Barbara, State Avenue for some shopping.
There was a farmers market so we bought some fresh flowers and homemade pies... I think we will go back next week and buy fruits and vegetables! 
 Charisse would love to move here!
 Here is another picture of Chase and Chris at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
 We thought it would be fun to go bowling...this is Wills watching his ball knock down one pin!
 The boys had a great time.
 Riley wanted to bowl without the ramp and actually throw the ball himself... he did pretty well!
Chris helped Chase with his bowling... it was a little hard because Chase cried every time it wasn't his turn. He just wanted to keep bowling.
Chris actually bowled a strike and won a free game...
I took Charisse and Caroline to the garment district in downtown LA. They were amazed by all of the stores and the bargaining!

So as you can see we had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone. We can't wait for you to come back! 

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